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The O’Rourke family, including little Peter O’Rourke, poses in this photo. Peter O’Rourke was recently diagnosed with a genetic neuron condition and has begun treatment. Photos Submitted
Peter O’Rourke is battling a rare genetic neuron condition known as skeletal muscle atrophy.
Peter Kaspari, Editor
3:00 am CST January 14, 2020

A Lake Bluff family is thankful that their little boy is getting treatment for a rare condition he was diagnosed with earlier this month.

Peter O’Rourke, who just turned two months old, was diagnosed with skeletal muscle atrophy on Jan. 2.

His mother, Shannon O’Rourke, knew something was wrong around Christmastime when it seemed like he was getting a cold.

The Lake Bluff woman could tell that this didn’t seem like a normal cold, according to her husband, Tim O’Rourke.