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Brendan Collins, 17, a member of Not Your Average Nerds, Carmel Catholic High School’s robotics team, shows School of St. Mary students how the robot he helped to build functions as Mary Titterton, 15 (right) looks on. Peter Kaspari/22nd Century Media
Andrew Frels, 17, a senior at Carmel Catholic High School, helps a School of St. Mary student learn how a robot works. Frels and his teammates on the robotics team came to St. Mary on Tuesday, Jan. 28 to show students their world-renown robots.
Mary Titterton, 15, a Carmel Catholic High School freshman, checks to make sure everything on her robot is functioning before giving a presentation to School of St. Mary students.
Ben Geoffroy (right) explains how one of the Carmel Catholic High School robots works while teammate Szymon Slowinski operates the robot.
Margaret Tazioli, a teacher at the School of St. Mary, tries to lift Thor’s hammer but was apparently stronger than she realized as she took the stand with it.
Carmel Catholic High School junior Sean Bolger, 16, wheels a piece of the BB-8 robot back to its starting point so a School of St. Mary student can test it out.
Peter Kaspari, Editor
3:00 am CST February 2, 2020
One of them can pick up foam blocks that have fallen to the ground.